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U.Today is a global media organisation dedicated to helping you understand the new generation tech and the future it brings to society.
Our mission is to serve the emerging community of enthusiasts, professionals and newcomers who explore, use and develop the tech by heeding the core journalistic values of clear thinking, accuracy and independence.
We seek to inform, educate, collaborate and support better practices for the benefit of all.

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Corrections or feedback?

Mistakes happen. Our readers are encouraged to alert us to any factual error they happen to find in our published articles. To maintain the integrity of our reporting, we carefully review all alerts and correct a story if it indeed contains a misstated fact.

All corrections are usually specified in an editor’s note that is added at the top of the story.

In addition, we also correct erroneous information on our social media platforms.

If the published material contains inaccuracies, U.Today editors are ready to make all the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

If you think that an article of ours contains inaccuracies, please contact our editor-in-chief by email at

Please provide a link to the article with false information together with your corrected version.

It may take us up to 24 hours to verify your alert.

Regular staff

Алигусейн Гулу-Заде
Алигусейн Гулу-Заде
штатный писатель

Алигусейн окончил Йельский университет по специальности лингвистика и философия. Он работал журналистом-аналитиком в информационном агентстве Trend. В то же время он академически образованный певец (баритон) и композитор. Алихусейн занимается криптовалютой и блокчейном с 2017 года и является энтузиастом в этой области, считая технологию блокчейн революционной и способной изменить общество. В этой области он написал несколько теоретических и аналитических работ.