Огромная партнерская сеть U.Today Россия

Весь контент U.Today Россия моментально распространяется по огромной партнерской сети распространения контента. В настоящее время мы предоставляем наш контент более чем 50 ведущим междунарожным агрегаторам новостей о блокчейне, рыночных новостях, а также мобильным приложениям.

Десятки миллионов пользователей теперь могут мгновенно читать наши статьи со всего мира каждый день - за это мы благодарны нашим партнерам.

Среди наших партнеров самые популярные и надежные компании, которые стремятся предоставить своим читателям свежие мировые новости и экономические аналитические статьи, новости криптовалюты и Форекс, а также информацию о полезных финансовых инструментах.

Мы гордимся тем, что являемся частью этой удивительной экосистемы, и приглашаем вас присоединиться к нам!

Если вы хотите стать партнером, отправьте письмо на адрес partners@u.today


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r/btc/ (Reddit)

/r/btc was created to foster and support free and open Bitcoin discussion about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency leaders. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. A distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without the need for any central authority whatsoever. Learn more about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, cryptocurrency, and more.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are now owners of Bitcoin Cash. All Bitcoiners are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world.


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This is the official subreddit of Monero (XMR), a secure, private, untraceable currency that is open-source and freely available to all.

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Crypto News gives you easy access to real-time cryptocurrency news, delivering minute-to-minute updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, NEM and more…

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Bringing together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

r/Bitcoin/ (Reddit)

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

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We're Crypto Reddit's Fiji water in a desert of censorship and agendas. Arguably Reddit's best source for uncensored cryptocurrency news, technicals, education, memes and so more!

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Wyohackathon is a month-long virtual hackathon.

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Official Subreddit for EOS: The Blockchain for Commercial Scale

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Dash is the fastest, most secure & most affordable Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency in the world. Its network features instantly settled & respendable transactions, 51% attack immunity, optionally private transactions and the first decentralized blockchain governance and self-funding model through incentivized full nodes which enable mass adoption scaling.


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Coinlib is a site that allows you to track cryptocurrency prices aswell as your portfolio's performance. It has real-time updates forprices and also offers lots of advanced tools like alerts, a comparetool, news and detailed info on each coin.

r/CryptoCurrencyTrading/ (Reddit)

r/CryptoCurrencyTrading is a place for the open discussion on all subjects related to trading all cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

r/Chainlink/ (Reddit)

Welcome to the Chainlink subreddit, a place for focused and technical discussion of decentralized oracles.

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